Never Without Sunscreen!

Never Without Sunscreen!

18 April, 2017 by Liz Floriant in news

Today I’m going to let you into a big secret.  What is the most effective anti-ageing product you should invest in?  You may be surprised to discover that contrary to preconceived ideas it isn’t a premium anti-ageing cream that promises that you will appear younger and defy the ageing process in just a few short weeks.  The best investment that you can actually make is sunscreen – a beauty product that should be worn daily month in month out, whether the sun is shining or not!

The ever-increasing erosion of the ozone layer has put us at a greater risk of being affected by the harmful rays of the sun. Whilst you do actually need the sun for your daily dose of Vitamin D, it does not imply that you should put your health at risk! Applying sunscreen will help to block these harmful rays from penetrating the skin and provoking skin disorders.

One thing many of us get confused about when it comes to sunscreen is the SPF factor.  First of all there is no such thing as “total protection” sunscreen.  There are however many options with varying SPF factors.  Many people understandably imagine that the higher the SPF, the greater the protection. However this is not strictly true as the SPF factor actually refers to the amount of exposure time before burning and not to the actual degree of protection.

To fully understand how the SPF factor works, out with the calculator!

SPF 1 permits you to stay in the sun for 20 minutes before burning and reapplying sunscreen. Once you know that, it’s just a question of multiplying the SPF factor by 20 to calculate the number of minutes and then divide by 60 for the hours.  So, if you use an SPF 40, one of the highest factors available, how long will you be protected for?  The answer is …  just over 13 hours!  It really isn’t necessary to use a higher factor since we mustn’t forget to account for the hours of darkness when the sun is no longer harmful.

I personally have been tricked into thinking that a low SPF of 25 for example in foundation or tinted cream is little short of a waste of time when actually it will give me 5 hours of protection – the regular time span before retouching.

As I said at the beginning of this post sunscreen really does help combat the signs of premature ageing.  It shields your skin from developing give away signs such as wrinkles and fine lines. Studies reveal that people below the age of 55 who used sunscreen had 24% lesser chances of developing these aging signs than non-sunscreen and occasional sunscreen users.  So there’s food for thought!

Although many people now recognise sunscreen as a beauty product in its own right there is a built in health benefit – shielding skin against the risk of various types of skin cancer, especially, melanoma. This is the worst type of skin cancers, which can be life threatening for women, particularly those who are in their 20s.

Sunscreen should be applied after the regular skin care protocol and before applying foundation.  We recommend V10 Plus, our Japanese skincare brand’s Water Based Sun Screen (SPF40) that protects against  UVA and UVB, slows down the production of melanin and eliminates free radicals.  It also works well as a base leaving a non-greasy velvety finish.

So, as we start to look forward to the summer ahead, what better moment to make a radical change in your skin-care routine by using sunscreen daily!–04500015.html

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