Nip,Tuck … What’s New?

Nip,Tuck … What’s New?

30 July, 2017 by Liz Floriant in news

As beauty professionals we always try to keep up to speed with what’s going on in the industry and in so doing pride ourselves by being able to offer our customers new and innovative brands particularly when it comes to anti-ageing.

However, there is one subject I haven’t yet broached on this blog as strictly speaking it’s not our department but so much progress has been made in the field we can’t ignore it either!

Cosmetic medicine has always been a vital part of the anti-ageing landscape and today thanks to many non-intrusive procedures it is becoming more and more popular and is as simple as taking a trip to the dentist.

Of course this doesn’t mean that all the fabulous creams, serums and lotions that we buy and use are, with time, doomed to extinction, on the contrary the two go hand in hand.

Today, looking youthful, whether we like it or not, dictates many areas in the lives of both women … and men!

Recruitment, dating or simply self-esteem are all motivations for wanting to erase signs of age and fatigue and today with the help of new technology and expertise in the field of cosmetic medicine, a quick transformation really is possible without the constraints of going “under the knife” and living as a recluse until the healing procedure is complete!

The secret to successful cosmetic medicine is finding the right practitioner.  Word of mouth and personal recommendation is undoubtedly the best way to get started and then it’s just a question of talking things over and fixing objectives together.

Whatever part of your face or body you want to tackle don’t be persuaded to go over the top. Today, many of the new procedures available are described as the “French Touch” as they are discreet and elegant.  The aim is not to look 10 or 15 years younger by banishing every single fine line, wrinkle or saggy jowl.  The aim is just to feel good in your skin and in harmony with how you feel on the inside!

Staples such as injections of Hyaluronic Acid fillers and Botox still give great results, but with moderation!

A single drop of Botox is enough to correct a down-turned mouth, to lift eyebrows for a more open look or to minimise the stern vertical lines between them whilst HA fillers plump and smooth out deep wrinkles and in a lighter version “iron” away the upper-lip “bar code” without creating “duck mouth” volume!

If you think the time has come to give nature a serious helping hand the new non-surgical thread lifts are a great alternative to full blown cosmetic surgery.  This technique involves dissolvable suture threads being injected into the face or body under a local anaesthetic.  The tissues are literally lifted by traction as the threads are pulled upwards.  When they start to dissolve naturally, the body produces new, lasting collagen that helps to plump and maintain the tissues in place.

Of course, whatever treatment you choose, even if it’s ultra rapid and spectacular, it is really important follow a serious beauty ritual morning and evening to optimise and maintain results starting with, and I can never stress this enough, sunscreen 7/7  – prevention is always better than cure!  Our Japanese brand V10 Plus offers a wonderful SPF40 water based sunscreen that doubles as a make-up base.

When it comes to anti-ageing solutions, La Rivière Distribution has sourced an impressive selection of products that help us to turn back the clock whether it be lash, brow and hair enhancement from RevitaLash® Cosmetics, skin treatments from American dermatology brand Colbert MD or the Japanese V10 Plus range, ancestral Marula Pure Beauty Oil or gentle tooth whitening toothpastes from Beverly Hills Formula for that youthful Hollywood smile!

So,  to conclude “nip, tuck” why not if you feel the moment is right but don’t loose sight of the basics – exfoliate, cleanse, moisturise, tone, eat healthy, drink plenty of water, exercise when you can, smile, the best facelift ever and  … enjoy life!








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