Old is the New Gold!

Old is the New Gold!

13 May, 2017 by Liz Floriant in news

As France prepares for the investiture tomorrow of its youngest president ever, Emmanuel Macron, one thing’s for sure, all eyes will be on Brigitte, his wife and muse, 24 years his senior and clocking in at 64 years old but looking a good decade less.

Love her or love to hate her, it has to be said this woman has style.

Almost overnight she has proven that a sexagenarian is not destined to wear a comfortable beige cardigan and sensible shoes.  Brigitte on the contrary is a “SEXYgenarian”, leather leggings, 12 cm stilettos and a touch of chic Parisian, glam rock thrown in for good measure and the result is little short of amazing!

So how does Brigitte fare in the beauty stakes? Although as yet she has never given an interview concerning her beauty choices and rituals it is quite easy to decode, starting with the signature blonde bob.

The Hair

As we get older, our hair becomes thinner and lacks volume, a tell tale sign of premature ageing.  Whilst the experts say that Madame Macron may well be naturally blessed with an exceptional head of hair or has resorted to extensions to give more body, the full, bouncing style spells youth.  Carefully blended highlights along with a great cut that frames her face works well along with a professional hairstylist at hand of course!

However, if your hair is thinning, needs a boost and your name isn’t Brigitte Macron, our unique “anti-ageing” hair care range ReGenesis™ by RevitaLash® can be a great solution starting with thickening shampoo and conditioner, detoxifying mask as well as specific serums, targeting spray and foam.

The Skin

With its youthful, plump glow, it’s clear that Brigitte takes good care of her skin.  Once again the experts say that even if she may have used some injectable treatments such as hyaluronic acid or Botox but everything points to a great skincare regime and beautiful bone structure.

At La Rivière, our Japanese brand V10 Plus offers some fabulous topical alternatives that help to plump the skin including the best selling V10 Plus Hyaluronic Acid serum and also the Deep Moist Gel that actually contains 4 different Hyaluronic Acids.

For the iconic glow that the experts have noticed, we would recommend our Colbert MD’s Illumino Facial Oil and Mask as well as Tone Control and Densify Disks.

The Smile

Oh, that Hollywood smile!

Brigitte almost certainly has veneers as once again with age our teeth become irregular in shape and colour.  So do we have an alternative?  The simple answers is … NO!

However, regular brushing with our Beverly Hills Perfect White whitening toothpastes can help brighten and whiten teeth by gently removing stains – Perfect White Black is particularly effective as it contains activated charcoal and Perfect White Gold that contains real gold dust helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums thanks to its anti-bacterial properties.

The Body

No Pain No Gain could be Madame Macron’s catch phrase as clearly her lithe, muscular body is the result of regular training and a healthy diet.

Keen to show off her arms and interminable legs the only thing we could offer her would be the brand new “Palm” by Artis© Brush perfect for applying bronzing powders and foundations.

So, leaving politics well aside, Brigitte shows us that by taking care of the basics in terms of anti-ageing and adopting her own, unique style, Old really IS becoming the new Gold!!

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