Our Summer Heroes

Our Summer Heroes

25 June, 2017 by Liz Floriant in news

As temperatures soar into the thirties and we keep cool and protect ourselves as best we can with broad brimmed hats and shades I have decided to stay well inside whilst the sun is at its zenith and make an overview of our summer hero products for you to enjoy.

Perhaps one of the most iconic hero products at La Rivière Distribution would be RevitaLash® Advanced from RevitaLash® Cosmetics as, not only is it a cutting edge product but it’s been with us since the beginning and holds a very special place in our hearts.

In summer, every woman is striving for a more natural, lighter look whilst remaining glamorous and RevitaLash® Advanced eyelash serum can help her to attain that by beautifying and nourishing natural lashes for a truly hypnotic result. No more running or smudged mascara resulting from swimming or heat, you can actually dare to be bare!  For the less intrepid a professional eyelash curl, lift and tint will give you the confidence to be mascara-free all summer long!

As we start stripping down as the heat rises, many of us are self-conscious when it comes to revealing our bare skin!  The winter months have left us looking pale and screaming for a healthy glow and at the beginning of the holiday season fake tan seems to be a great option that is, until we start to apply it.  Fake tan is probably one of the most difficult products to apply.  Not only are we scared to miss a bit and end up with stripes but palms can also become tell tale orange if all traces of product are not scrupulously washed away.

Today, thanks to Artis© Brush, with the launch of the Palm Brush, applying fake tan is child’s play.  An ergonomic design that fits perfectly into the palm of your hand, Palm Brush by Artis© benefits from the same Cosmefibre© technology as the rest of the collection.  The incredibly soft, 100% synthetic and closely packed fibres of Artis© Brushes ensure optimum coverage with a minimum amount of product.  Palm is perfect for applying fake tan or if you prefer a liberal and even dusting of bronzing powder.  A must for your summer kit!

Now we come to sunscreen, my personal hero and for those who follow our blog and activity on social media you will know that sunscreen and in particular, our Water Based SPF40 sunscreen from Japanese brand V10 Plus is a “never leave home without it” staple to be used 7/7 – 365/365 sun or not!

Sunscreen is probably the most effective anti-ageing treatment that you can buy.   In this case prevention is almost certainly better than cure.  This SPF 40 sunscreen offers over 13 hours of protection and just in case you didn’t know the SPF factor refers to the time you are protected and not the strength of the protection.  SPF1 = 20 minutes so, SPF 40 x 20 = 800 minutes or 13.3 hours!

After a day at the beach or by the pool it will probably be our hero for hair ReGenesis™ Detoxifying Hair and Scalp Mask that will be at the top of your wish list!   This amazing range of hair products comes from RevitaLash® Cosmetics and had been specifically developed for ageing, fine and thinning hair.  At ReGenesis™ when they talk about anti-ageing they don’t refer to your age in years but the age of you hair as of course we all know that a hair shaft is young at the root and a lot older at the tip and that constant styling and exterior aggression can really take its toll.  This unique mask revitalises hair and scalp and gently removes debris and impurities bringing regained strength and shine.

Three key ingredients contribute to its efficacy – Bioactive Limon from Belarus that nourishes and hydrates as well as exfoliating and enabling the skin to retain moisture more effectively.  Japanese Meddler leaf extract that coats the hair giving it a thicker appearance and Keratin to nourish, soften and strengthen.

When it comes to cleansing during hot and sticky weather many of us prefer products that lather and can be washed off with water for a fresher sensation rather than lotions or oils.    Colbert MD, our exquisite dermatologist brand and favourite on the red carpet has the perfect answer, Balance Purifying Cleanser . Not only does this cleanser refresh the skin and eliminate excess sebum and impurities but also brings with it a concentrate of anti-ageing properties that leave the skin smooth supple and spotlessly clean and ready to apply other products from the Colbert MD range.

Summer would not be complete without a brilliant, perfect white Hollywood smile and this year our dental hygiene brand Beverly Hills Formula is proud to be partner of the “Baywatch” film launch brought to us by Paramount Pictures!

Regular brushing with one of the Perfect White whitening toothpastes (Perfect White Gold containing real gold dust or the very unusual and astonishing Perfect White Black made from activated charcoal) will visibly whiten teeth without abrasion or damage.

So there you have it … our summer heroes or beach bag essentials!

Don’t forget to follow us on Social Media as we will shortly be giving a “Summer Hero La Rivière Bag” and in the meanwhile, we wish you a … sensational summer!

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